They differ in the impressive size of the berries (for example, cherry can give the cherries), and a special dessert tasting, high winter hardiness and resistance to traditional for the Urals diseases of berry crops.

So, cherries of the new variety “Vita” weigh 4-5 grams and has a sweet taste. From the wild steppe ancestors of the class passed resistance to frost and winds. The Bush grows to a maximum two metres, but a spreading crown ripens a rich harvest.

– the Current hot summer with one tree removed from 15 to 17 pounds of berries. Moreover, they are already ripe in mid-July. Work on the grade began in 1980, when scientists conducted pollination. Year he received the seedlings, after 10 years, originated in the elite, have propagated and planted for the study” – said Margarita Isakova, senior researcher Sverdlovsk selection station of gardening, the author of “Vita”.

On getting new varieties of black currant Vympel Ural breeders worked for about 20 years. According to scientists, it was the most delicious available. In addition, currant tolerates winter and great for planting under industrial mechanized cleaning. Black berries the size sometimes comparable to the cherry and can weigh up to four grams. The average weight of one brush – 1, 3 grams. It is a storehouse of vitamin C: 260 milligrams per 100 grams of fruit.

– the resulting grade currant the average period of flowering and ripening, resistant to powdery mildew and Bud mite, large-fruited, with a delicate skin and flesh. Ideal for fresh consumption and also for all types of processing”, – explained Elena Chebotok, senior researcher Sverdlovsk selection station of gardening, the author of “Vympel”.

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Sverdlovsk breeding station of horticulture (structural unit Organic UB RAS), established in June 1935, is the leading scientific institution of the Middle Urals. Since 2014 is part of the Botanical gardens Council of the Urals and the Volga region. Over the years the scientists of the station created and included in the State register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation about 60 new varieties of fruit and berry crops suitable for growing in vast regions of the Russian Federation, including the Northern areas. 40 varieties at the moment are the state tests.