on Tuesday, August 11, entered into force the court decision on eviction from office apartment on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow, a former Prosecutor of the city Sergey Kudeneyev and his wife. About it writes “Kommersant”.

Former prosecuting attorney attempted to sue 114-meter housing the Prosecutor General’s office, but lost. The kudeneyev and his wife lived in the apartment for 12 years and wanted to prove that you have the right to issue office property. The couple claimed that they were illegally removed from the register in need of housing.

But the Prosecutor’s office, in turn, managed to prove that a former senior employee, who was fired five years ago, has at its disposal another three-bedroom apartment. In it, according to some, is home to the son of ex-Prosecutor. In the end, Kudreeva claim was rejected, and he himself at the court kicked out of housing.

President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Kudreeva from office of public Prosecutor of Moscow in September 2015. A likely reason was his contacts with the former officer held in the case of fraud. Before appointment to the post of the Prosecutor of the capital, Kudeneyev was headed by the Prosecutor General’s office control over the legality of penal sanctions and detention of the accused in pretrial detention.