– We are not the boots tachem and not curls curl – hot gray-haired surgeon with 30 years of experience. The doctor is always on the border of life and death. Then it is better to call our work “angelic service”!

Well, think of the word, many would say. Call it what you want – meaning it does not change. But I don’t mind anyone who even slightly knows Russian poetry: “words can kill, words can save…”, remember?

Decided to ask reputable doctors, scientists, public figures and how they relate to this term?

– we Need to remember the dictum of Socrates that all the professions of the people, but only three from God – a teacher, a judge and a physician. And closest to God, I think that the doctor, – said the chief specialist-the epidemiologist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, head, Department of epidemiology and evidence-based medicine of the First MGMU them. Sechenov, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko. Prestige of physicians in recent years have fallen, attention has focused exclusively on the mistakes and controversial situations. Perhaps, in private medicine and can talk about the service. And in the public health system, it is unacceptable, it is a system of assistance, not the provision of services.

– This concept does not reflect the essence of what is happening in medicine, – said the head of the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First MSMU n. a. Sechenov Professor Eugene Achkasov. Service is what you can have, and we can not provide, and nothing for a person does not change. And when you need medical care, and people not getting it, it may not only change his life, but even deprive of life.

– of Course, it is necessary from this evaluation to be abandoned, – says the scientific Director of the Institute for fundamental and clinical immunology of the Siberian branch of the RAS, academician Vladimir Kozlov. – Medicine is the life support system of the individual and the society as a whole, not a sphere of life where my services.

– We never say “medical services”, and always say and write “medical assistance”, – said the commercial Director of the vision clinic, doctor of medical Sciences Svetlana Anisimova. – We do not coveny hospital, but work the entire period of a pandemic, because our postoperative patients need rehab, they will not leave. Patients also have glaucoma with retinal detachment.

In these cases, the same time to lose. If we were talking only about services they could be postponed, he added.

what do you think about this authoritative representatives of the patient community?

– we Have the deepest respect for doctors, and now, when the specifics of this noble profession opened fully, it became more, – said “RG” the co-chair of the all-Russian Union of patients Yuri Zhulev. – If to speak about the public health systemIya, of course, there provide medical assistance. Another thing is private hospitals – maybe it’s closer to the service.

– Medical service – is the concept of economic and legal, necessary for the calculation of volumes of medical aid, – the Chairman of the coordinating Board MOU “Movement against cancer”, lawyer Nikolay Dronov. Medical care consists of a variety of manipulations, different technologies, different stages – they must be used, to pay. Here the concept of “medical service” is acceptable. It does not detract from the meaning of the medical profession.

a Similar opinion about the “pettiness” of the issue expressed by some other experts – economists, lawyers. But it is characteristic that among the skeptics was not the doctors that the concept of “nedoluha” at least in the Western world. And if professionals feel insulted by public rating, is it really a change?

I Must say that in the Constitution of the Russian Federation this notion, there is only “health” and “medical care”. But in article 2 (paragraph 4) of the Federal law “About bases of health protection of citizens of the Russian Federation” reads: “Medical service – medical intervention or complex medical interventions aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, medical rehabilitation and has completed value”.

But then the term is found in this law is only in the context of paid services: “Citizens have the right to receive paid medical services according to their desire while providing medical care and paid non-medical services (household, service, transport and other services) provided additionally in the provision of medical care…”

And the Federal law “About medical insurance of citizens in the Russian Federation” identifies the concepts of “medical care” and “medical services”, it mentions “the contract for the provision of preventive and curative care (medical services) health insurance”.

the Authors of scientific articles “Health services or medical care is an urgent issue for public health institutions” Postnikova E., A. Gridnev and S. Kocic analyzed 18 legal documents, published between 1990 and 2017, jurisprudence and periodicals. And revealed that the concept of “medical services” appeared much later and is associated with the development of paid medical services and the necessity of formation of the legal aspects of health care. They conclude: “the category of “medical assistance” and “medical service” should not be identified, but also are not completely different concepts, and to a greater extent enter into a relationship of partial intersection”.

“a Medical service is a category of market relations, non-material goods the result from the provision which was estimated from the point of view of cost / income ratio, – writes E. Polyanskaya’s article, “the Concept of “medical service” and the main approaches to its classification.” Medical care has no commodity form and value in contrast to medical services, therefore, it cannot be the subject of sale and the object of treatment on the market…”

Well, what is the position of the legislators? With this question I turned to the member of the Duma Committee on health, Alexander Petrov.

– Said words can hurt, and can lift, – says Alexander. – The concept of “medical service” most of society is perceived negatively, but it is a reflection of a purely bureaucratic approach. However, it has long been said: as we ship call, so it will float. There is nothing wrong if we have such a bureaucratic lexicon clean all guidance documents on medicine. And what to replace them – the medical community itself is able to solve.

If anyone doubted, today already all very clear that health care is not a market of services and the system of national security and livelihood of the people. We’re not talking about our army, that it provides “services for the defense of the homeland”, and about MOE – that it provides “rescue services”. And even our farmers do not have “services for the production of food” and just feed the people.

I do Not think that finding is adequate and does not offend the dignity of professionals, the term is so difficult. It may be already familiar to the ear “standard medical care” and “standard medical care” and even “unit of medical care”. Need something more accurate – give the job to the best philologists of the country, they’ll figure it out. If it is possible to make reasonable amendments to the Main law of the country, why not remove bad terms from the legislation and laws of one, but as it turned out, such an important social sphere?