TV star Victoria Bonya with a straight face and eyes of the mouse, pooping in the hollow, says that coronavirus infection COVID-19 is a worldwide conspiracy. As reported by “StarHit” said TV presenter Ksenia Borodina.

Yesterday she wrote in her instagram that the regime of isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus infection, revealed the problem that the more some people have free time, the less critical thinking and higher mental anxiety. Also, in her opinion, the collective hysteria meets herd mentality and awakens all that is dark, far from the intelligence side of the modern citizen.

“One with a voice bleating goats tells people she can cure cancer with raw food! About distance learning is that all children want idiots to do something about the tower and chipping!” — outraged Borodin.

She called tricks of those who make such statements openly sectarian, and Boni, the former, as reported by “the Rambler”, the participant reality show “House 2” — with a straight face and eyes of the mouse, pooping in a hollow, telling that coronavirus infection is a worldwide conspiracy.