During the isolation the Russians were more to seek the services of couriers, Tutors, hairdressers, masters of manicure and psychologists. This is evidenced by the online service that has RT.

So, users are 50% more likely ordered delivery service. 42% increase in the demand for hairdressers, masters of manicure and pedicure, fitness trainers, psychologists. With Tutors and teachers the Russians were to do 30% more often.

In this case, some professionals demand decreased significantly. In particular, 44% less Russians began to contact photographers and videographers, a 30% reduction in the demand for cleaners, domestic helpers, 25% — on masters, major maintenance and construction.

In addition, according to the service, during the period of isolation the Russians were more likely to offer their services as couriers and web developers. Analysts note that their growth rate was at 74%.

Also 66% were more suggestions of experts in the field of working with text, transcription audio, advertising and promotion. In the category of “Computer help” (repair of computer hardware, installing operating systems, configuring Internet connections) — 63%.

The number of applications for the provision of Tutors and teachers increased by 62%.

While the Russians have less to offer their services in organizing events and promotions, as well as in major repairs (construction). Such artists become by 24% and 33% less respectively.

Earlier, the poll showed, than the Russians plan to do immediately after mode isolation.