an Important training experience for the participants of the forum will be an opportunity to implement their own projects online schools.

Teachers will be offered a special program in which everyone will be able to choose its direction. For example, relevant today, cultural linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and jurilinguistic.

the Second section of the forum will be methods of teaching Russian language in the mirror of the concept of “Lifelong learning”. Russian language in a multilingual class (where we study multiple languages). The experts will discuss how in this situation to control the motivation of children and adults. We will also be able to discuss new projects at the lesson of the Russian language. On the topic of “Traditional textbooks: the crisis of the genre or Renaissance”, teachers will be able to discuss the drawbacks and benefits of modern benefits.

And, of course, it comes to digital formats and the formation of electronic environment for teaching the Russian language: is and skype sessions, language tandems, aggregators of language courses.

In the third direction of the program, the experts will consider the text as a way of understanding the world Pushkin, Pelevin, will discuss “lost in translation” Russian classics and will understand how to combine modern text and “image of thought” of native speakers.

Organizers also promise the holding of the forum events with innovative formats.

For example, project laboratory “Online Russian language school”. The participants of the laboratory will be able to develop their own projects online schools. The most interesting ideas will be tested at the site of the Pskov state University in real academic process. Will also open a discussion forum of the “Russian language in the XXI century: the world, rarely studied or critically important?”.

And the “icing on the cake” – fail-workshop “learn from mistakes”, allowing the pressing issues of the organization of teaching Russian as a foreign language on the basis of negative experiences of the participants. And it errors with the representation of groups, selection of textbooks, cultural misunderstandings, difficulties with assessing the competence of students.

help “RG”

Forum of young teachers “Terra Rusistica” conducted by the Association of teachers of Russian language and literature “ropryal” in partnership with the Pskov state University with the support of the Presidential grants.

Purpose of the forum is to promote the study and teaching of Russian as a foreign language among Russian and foreign students, promote research of young scientists, methodologists, teachers of Russian language and literature abroad.