against the background of the coronavirus pandemic of a new type of people are more likely to process hand antiseptics. This is a useful measure for the prevention of infection, however, overuse of such devices can damage the skin and cause dermatitis, which increases the risk of infection in the body.

this statement was made by the doctor-dermatovenerologist of the polyclinic No. 4 of the administration of President Anastasia Bereznikova, noting that we are talking about the antiseptic gels. Also harm skin may be too hot or cold water.

“Alcohol, very hot or cold water, the excess alkali in the soap can promote skin irritation and cause contact or allergic dermatitis,” – quoted expert RIA Novosti news Agency.

the fact that the skin produces natural protective layer that this treatment does not have time to recover, in consequence of which can cause flaking and small cracks, the doctor explained.

“This is a manifestation of contact dermatitis, which can greatly increase the risk of infection in the body”, – concluded the expert.