Regions started to remove the restrictive measures previously adopted in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

In some cities already operate clothing stores and hairdressers and opticians, car dealers and hardware stores. Local residents can also go to the sauna or go fishing. About where they refuse to quarantine material “Газеты.Ru”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the heads of regions to develop plans of lifting the restrictive measures due distribution coronavirus infection after 11 may, depending on the epidemiological situation. He stated this at a meeting on issues of implementation of previously adopted measures to support the economy and social sphere.

“somewhere hard reasonable preventive measures to keep and even complement, and somewhere, possible, plan a reasonable mitigation. But only relying on the opinion of scientists, experts, and taking into account all factors and possible risks”, — he said.

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova identified a number of factors that will be the basis for the lifting of restrictions in the Russian regions. Among them were: the growth rate of morbidity, a free bed Fund for hospitalization of new patients and coverage testing — assessment of these factors will allow us to understand how widespread the infection is spread in a particular region. All these indicators will be evaluated retrospectively in one or two weeks from the calculation of the incubation period.

In General, the restrictive measures imposed in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, will be shot in three phases, Popova said: “the Decision on phased removal of restrictions will take the head of the region, and in the case of complication of epidemic situation restrictive measures can be resumed”.

So, in Kaliningrad in late April, lined up in long lines in freestanding hardware stores, transmits the OTP. Let in trading rooms only in masks and distancing. Some point imposed a limit of visitors to avoid crowds. People come with whole lists of required and stand in queues for hours.

“Burn the bulbs and sockets. A lot of these small savings, which require a trip to the store. Scary, but there is something security measures”, — admitted one of the local residents of OTR. According to statistics oberstab anti-COVID-19, situation in the region now do relatively well — for the last days in region there were only 17 new patients with coronavirus infection.

In the Republic of Karelia in the five municipalities already opened all stores with an area of 200 square meters, Barber shops, beauty SaloHN. In addition, during the may day weekend there also were allowed to relax — the region has earned the public baths.

In Voronezh from April 14, opened a hairdressing and opticians. To work also allowed the employees of courts, law and notary offices, bodies of inquiry and investigation, forensic institutions and organizations providing funeral services.

In early may, the region began work and shopping centers, reports the Voronezh edition of “MINE! Online”. As explained by the representatives of the administrations of TTS, they are allowed to operate with observance of measures to ensure sanitary safety. However, still the pleasure of such shopping does not bring the buyers have not only treated regularly with hand sanitizer, but to stand in long queues at the entrance to the stores, which are allowed only in limited groups. Meanwhile, for the last day of positive tests for coronavirus in the region has received 30 patients.

In the Saratov region the first visitors by appointment are already taking hairdressing, dry cleaning and car dealerships. While the hall should be only one customer, and employees must wear personal protective equipment.

“Such requirements are not excessive. And the entrepreneurs themselves will decide how profitable they are to work under, if in the hall a few chairs, and will be used only one” — said the head of the regional branch of “OPORA Russia”, the proprietress of beauty salon Natalia Panferova.

in comparison with other regions, in the Saratov region, the epidemiological situation is not so good: 6 may there reported on 98 cases COVID-19.

In early may, there have already earned the salons of communication centres, veterinary clinics, pet shops, funeral parlours, dry cleaning, garages, shops, construction and household goods, goods for garden and summer house, parts stores, fabric stores, children’s clothing, goods for hunting and fishing, opticians, hairdressers, attorneys and notaries.

as the easing measures to the residents of Bashkiria was also allowed to go fishing — but only with special permission that can be issued online.

In the next few days new features will be residents of the Perm region by the end of the may holidays, there is promise to open the centers of manual therapy and hairdressing, as well as to ease the “mask mode” and allow to run in the mornings. Breaks will be taken if the situation in the region does not deteriorate, warn the authorities. On may 6, they found 25 people with a new type of coronavirus.

After the Victory Day to restore the clothing stores and stroymaterialthe fishing plan and Buryatia. “There are problems, but we understand that all practices of their decisions, we know, circle contact understand, work with them. With this in mind, ready to take reduction measures limitations and planned immediately after the Victory Day from 10 th to go the extra lifting of restrictions”, — quotes words of the head of the region Alexey Tzudenova the press service.

He also explained that the withdrawal restrictions will not apply to events, theatres, cinemas and cafes. To postpone the opening will have and beauty salons, baths and saunas.

“first and foremost will be to open domestic service, and commercial enterprises that sell non-food items. Again earn not only stores building materials clothing stores and a variety of services — places where there is mass congestion of people at a time. Enterprises of the service sector, where there is direct interaction of man with man massage salons, baths, saunas until they are open”, — stated in the message. According to the latest data, in the region the day COVID-19 were detected in 43 people.