Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova confirmed that the Moscow cinema with the big share of probability will open July 15. What safety measures must be observed to the audience, whether it is possible to come with children and an increase of ticket prices we learned from the official representative of the cinema “pioneer”.

– we are working on the automatic Seating system that will automatically maintain a social distance between the audience. That is, people will buy tickets, still far from other visitors to the cinema. Of course, this will reduce the number of seats in the halls.

in addition, we will increase the intervals between sessions. He usually 15-20 minutes. This is just enough to keep some visitors came, the hall managed to clean up and the audience came in. Now to avoid the queue in the foyer, we will increase the interval up to 30-40 minutes. Unfortunately, this will also lead to a reduction in the number of sessions. If are usually in the same room is 6-7 movies a day, now the theaters will only show 4 films. Maybe more if they are shorter. Although this is unlikely, because the tendency is for long works.

How many people can sit?

– of Course, it depends on the recommendations of the CPS. As far as I know, next can sit only 2 people from the same family, that is living together. Accordingly, if parents come with two children, they will be planted, respectively, of the distance. Force anyone to sit not. Just the system will not allow to buy tickets next.

– And chairs will be dismantled or tied with ribbons?

– We will hope for the integrity of the audience. Besides, we don’t want to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the hall. The atmosphere is very important to keep reminding people about the difficult situation in the world. Places we will probably wrap or tape on them some symbols. On the other hand, the program will sit all according to distance. Yes, and people can choose different places to come alone. So we can’t just throw some chairs.

whether in that time there have been sanitation in the halls?

– Yes, of course. We intend to incorporate a quartz bulb in an empty room and carry out sanitary cleaning after each session.

there will be a employee of the cinema to enforce the measures?

– As a General rule, there is always someone from the staff during the session. In case someone need help. And in the hall there is always a checker or cashier, to keep order. So if someone would maliciously break, he will make a polite remark.

– Should the visitors to watch the movie in masks and gloves?

Yes, according to Rospotrebnadzor, the audience should be wearing masks and gloves. We will give them to those who don’t.

– This will be included in the ticket price?

most Likely, Yes.