on 1 July after quarantine will open the whole complex of the State Historical Museum. The first visitors will meet at 10 a.m. at the entrance with the orchestra.

Director of the State historical Museum Alexei Levykin said: “We have missed the audience and will do everything to make their arrival was interesting and safe.” He had never before encountered such a large break.

While we do not aim to achieve the same attendance. The main thing – to proceed with normal activities, to ensure the safety of visitors and Museum staff. Measures for the reception of the audience developed and will be strictly adhered to. The operation of the Museum will be extended from 10 hours to 21 hours in the main building at Revolution square and the Museum of the Patriotic war of 1812, from 10 to 19 years – the Pokrovsky Cathedral and the Chambers of the Romanov boyars.

In the priority purchase of tickets online. Everyone can choose a convenient time of visiting, and now no longer need to exchange the purchased e-tickets on paper, it is enough barcode. To operate the Museum seven days a week, with one sanitary day for a thorough treatment of all areas. The first guided tours for family audiences and for groups more than 5 people. So it will be until July 31. If the epidemic situation to improve, the number of groups will increase. Sessions are tailored exhibition space. For example, to the main building and the Museum of the Patriotic war of 1812, provided for the sale of not more than 15 tickets for 15-minute session. In the intercession Cathedral and the Chambers of the Romanov boyars will sell up to 5 tickets per session. The residence time in the Museum is not limited. It staff will monitor compliance with social distance. And visitors should be wearing masks and gloves, which if necessary can be purchased in the Museum shop. Also at the entrance will measure the temperature.

the Faberge Exhibition will be extended until October 30. You can visit an exposition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory, which opened earlier online. Not yet knowing about the pandemic, the Museum staff prepared in the main building of the exposition about the heroism of Soviet physicians during the war. Now all health care providers will be able to visit free of charge.

Part of exhibition projects transferred to the next year, but the collection Rokotova the viewer can see at the end of July. Exhibitions in other regions while suspended, but those that opened before the pandemic, will be prolonged at maturity.