The Russians, to comply strictly with the self-isolation, can be infected with coronavirus in the fall, because they did not receive passive immunization. So says Areg totolyan, Director of the Institute of Microbiology and epidemiology Pasteur, reports “Interfax”.

The number of victims of coronavirus in Russia

The scientist noted that in the autumn people will end vacation, school starts and work year, the population density will increase significantly. This will lead to the increasing number of cases COVID-19, but strong growth will not be.

“the Disease can occur in the fall heavier. Not because the virus has changed, and due to the fact that those who sat at home and had no contact, not ill, but had not received passive immunization. Sooner or later these people will be released from your "bunker" and it is possible that you have been ill. Such cases may be few,” he predicted totolyan.

According to him, the situation will not be heavy, because in the regions is gradually developing a collective immunity. The epidemic will end when the immunity will have 60-70% of the population.

There are only two ways to buy: to recover or to be vaccinated.