Minor injuries were found on body of 15-year-old novices of the monastery, father Sergius, who died there a few days ago. According to investigators, the girl also took drugs before death. Her body has already been sent for forensic examination — however parents of a child actively resist its implementation.

In the body of 15-year-old girl who died earlier in Sredneuralskaya convent father Sergius, injuries. Now the body is on it is judicial-medical examination, however the girl’s parents are trying hard to refuse an autopsy. It is reported portal “Ekaterinburg-online”.

Photos preliminary conclusions of experts showed on his YouTube channel, the representative of the monastery of Vsevolod Moguchev. According to the decree, the investigators want to conduct a forensic examination to determine prescription discovered injuries. In addition, as it turned out, before the death of the child was taking narcotic medicines. This is another reason why it is necessary to investigate the body.

According to the investigators, they do not dispute the child’s diagnosis of diffuse glioma of the brain stem is, however, intend to check the correctness of its treatment.

“in order to more thoroughly investigate the tragedy and determine the exact cause of death, a forensic medical study of the body of the dead girl, based on the specific circumstances of the check is necessary”, — stated in the statement on the website of the UK.

The parents of the child, in turn, relate to what is happening negatively. “We said, “don’t take”. No, took. Quietly buried not give to its laws. They say that looking for drugs”, — said the publication of the father of the deceased.

On the death of a child became known on 6 August this year, after that, the police started pre-investigation checks.

“a pre-Investigation inspection is already underway. I even reveal the secret, it was extended to 30 days to carefully review all the incidents that were conveyed by the participants in the events. In particular in the movie Ksenia Sobchak”, — told “Газете.Ru” the Commissioner for children’s rights in the region Igor MOROKOV.

According to the regional Investigative Committee, in the course of the audit it was established that the child’s death was due to severe disease. According to the Commissioner for human rights in Sverdlovsk region Tatiana Merzlyakova, which quoted the local media, the parents themselves brought the girl to the monastery, knowing that she would live only a few months.

As told the girl’s mother, the decision to go to the monastery they took literally one day, as hopes howledto Ekiti girl with traditional medicine they have left.

“I Went to the experts. But they said they can not do anything, the disease is serious. Good people suggested to me that there is Sredneuralskaya convent is father Sergius. Then all this I had no idea, and at that time was not even baptized. We baptized the day took the tickets and went,” said the woman in the video, which was published in the local media.

According to her, in the monastery, they were received with great warmth, the girl’s condition gradually began to improve. However, six months later, life in the monastery, the girl still died. As was stated by the founder of the monastery, the defrocked schemamonk Sergius Romanov, did not help her and regular doctor visits.

“the Parents lived in Novokuznetsk, was in Moscow, where doctors said she would live two months. Came to us, lived about seven months, the girl was under the supervision of a surgeon, every week he came and watched. Although we’re not a hospital, but we are trying to do what the doctor says: and food, and medicine to provide,” he said in a statement published on YouTube.

The controversial cleric was also indignant that his monastery is regularly inspected by police, the investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s office and authorized on the rights of the child.

“let’s See how many of your children whom you have given birth, go wandering around the bins like shadows, dying like flies, collect banana peels, shame on you!”, he said.

Together with him was made by the physician who monitored the health of dead. According to him, the novice underwent a course of chemotherapy and the beginning of the “therapy of despair” (alternative therapies with unproven efficacy — “Газета.Ru). All drugs were purchased by the monastery.

“it is Unclear why under diagnosis of the investigative Committee wished a forensic autopsy. Although it is postmortem findings, by all the laws on the autopsy and on the written expression of the relatives of the burial could be no autopsy,” said the medic.

Father Sergius was deposed after the sermon that COVID-19 — a “pseudopodia”, and people should take to the streets and protest. The diocese declared, that Sergius monastery holds illegally.