the End of the pandemic COVID-19 in the world will be characterized by cessation of appearance of new active cases of the disease, as well as the achievement of maximum, and the further absence of growth curve of the total number of infections.

This opinion was expressed by the chief researcher of the laboratory of bioinformatics of the First MGMU named after I. M. Sechenov Nurbubu moldogazieva in an interview with parliamentary newspaper.

Expert points out that among European countries, only Germany and France reflecting the number of active case the curve decreases and the curve is the total number of infected reaches a plateau.

In our country, the epidemic will end in August, he said. However, she noted that this will be possible if all the world’s borders will be closed all summer and there will be no new outbreaks of infection.

Previously the chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Elena Malinnikova expressed his Outlook about the situation with coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Russia.

“Given the laws of the epidemiological process, I guess to the month of July… the situation will improve,” she said.

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