Scientists from the people’s Republic of China (PRC) evaluated changes in the content of antibodies to coronavirus in patients COVID-19 throughout the disease, writes bioRxiv.

it is Reported that the experts collected data from 27 January to 10 April 2020, watching the 33 patients with coronavirus infection of the new type. The study, published on the website of preprints, it is noted that 263 the scientists took samples from the respiratory tract, 135 stool samples to determine viral titer and 171 a sample of blood plasma to detect antibodies.

At the end of the tests, the experts came to the conclusion that the time of disappearance of viral RNA in smears from the pharynx was 18.5 days, sputum — 22 days, and the stools of 17 days. Three infected coronavirus infection of the new type showed a relapse of viral RNA in sputum during 14 days after discharge. In one patient with COVID-19 viral RNA remained 59 days.

the Content of IgG antibodies in most infected persons reached a peak of 30 days after the first signs of the disease. 36% of patients with coronavirus infection of the new type, the level of IgG increased more than 4 times for one to two weeks after the beginning of antibody production. During the whole time he stayed at a high level.

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