spoke restaurateurs around the world are trying to shape the future of your business after you exit quarantine, the Swedes Linda Carlson and Rasmus Persson played the lead and after a few days will be ready to take in your institution for one guest, providing him with a contactless supply of food on the table.The opening of an unusual restaurant format Bord fr En (from the Swedish “table for one”) is scheduled for may 10. It is located on a beautiful meadow near the small Swedish town of Ransater. As follows from the concept, the restaurant will be able to take one person a day.The founders of the project Linda Carlson and Rasmus Persson decided to implement this idea after an unscheduled visit by elderly parents who suddenly decided to come visit. The couple decided to follow all the measures of social distancing for the safety of older relatives — Persson, a former chef, made dinner and passed it through the window to the place where he was kin.”We have to make it accessible to all. This will be the only restaurant in the world,” said Carlson. That night, Linda and Rasmus created the site.The restaurant consists of one dining table and chair in the middle of an open field. There are no waiters, instead, each dish will be delivered directly from the kitchen in a basket with a system of ropes and pulleys. The menu will change depending on the season, and all products will be ordered from local producers.In the first phase, restaurateurs are going to pamper guests with traditional Swedish dish of Raraka (this hashbraun with sour cream and caviar from seaweed). The second proposes a croquette of sweet corn with hazelnut oil and puree of yellow ginger for dessert — blueberries with cream, sugar and violet with the romantic name “the Last days of summer.” Each dish is planned to supply non-alcoholic drink made friend Rasmus and the owner of several bars in Stockholm Joel Soderbeck. To ensure full health safety of visitors, all the dishes will be cleaned twice between each use, and the dining area is thoroughly disinfected.Karlsson and Persson plans to support the work of the restaurant until 1 August and wait for your meadow all visitors, regardless of financial situation. Guests will be able to pay the amount that you see fit.