the Remaining restrictions “on the coronavirus” in the city will be removed in mid July – this was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. We are talking primarily about the events and about the work of theatres and cinemas and preservation of mask mode. Last, as previously suggested by representatives of the Moscow city hall, may persist until the appearance of the vaccine from COVID-19. What this means in practice for the city – versed “MK”.

In early June, the mayor announced the cancellation of most of the “coronavirus” restrictions – the city opened a cafe, beauty salons, museums and parks are canceled digital skip and walk on schedule, again you can do in the pool and drive children to kindergarten… there are very few restrictions: the operation of cinemas and theatres, and public events.

If the requirement of “Bread!” the Moscow authorities have already granted 16 Jun opened summer terrace cafe and after June 23 will open and the halls here at the circuses will have to wait. The work of the theatres and cinemas are still banned – the artists were allowed to rehearse, but without spectators. Watch the movie yet have the house.

meanwhile, the CPS has previously published recommendations for cinemas, which have to follow after return to work after the lifting of restrictions. In addition to the usual points of compliance with social distance and ensure customers sanitizers, there is a kind of advice.

that’s what stated in the regulations of the CPS: “to Recommend the use of hygiene masks by the visitors…”. It’s logical, it’s like everywhere: in hairdressing sit in disguise, why a movie should it be otherwise?.. But later in the same document: “to Recommend to implement production kinabaru contactless means, including using guns.” Therefore, the fact that cinnabari will work, is not discussed. And how many viewers will conscientiously observe the mode mask, if the mask they have to shove popcorn and a straw from a glass of Pepsi?.. In addition, some films lasting more than two hours – and during this time the mask could easily become stuffy. So there is a risk that provisions will remain only on paper, and then the spectacle will become a new chance to get infected with a virus.

In mask mode – the most acute Moscow issue today. Because of the heat and exhaustion, the townspeople cease to be responsible and periodically pull together the masks in the subway and on the streets. Accordingly, they themselves lower their own protection.

– I believe that wearing the masks would cost to keep longer. Within reasonable limits, of course. When a person walks alone on the Boulevard or in the Park, the mask he doesn’t need. But in public transport and��and shop where a lot of people, this is the real way to protect yourself and others. We still don’t know who’s an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, warns therapist Tatiana Charushin. – In addition, it, sorry for the vulgar expression can be acquired: you are healthy today, and tomorrow got infected and became an asymptomatic carrier. So you cannot even rely on the test results, unless you do them constantly.

But from gloves, according to the doctor, you can gradually give – in hot summer weather they can cause problems with the skin and aggravation of diseases such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers, says the doctor, no less effective.

– We forget that the Soviet habit of washing hands before eating and after using the toilet appeared out of nowhere. This is not pedagogy. Just in the USSR were people still alive who remember the epidemic of cholera and diphtheria, and these diseases are best defended banal washing hands. Now, maybe the new generation will grow – those who will wash his hands, because it will remember kovid – added Charushin.

“Coronavirus remains a serious threat to the life and health of Muscovites. So it is to relax in any case impossible. For their own health and the health of others we must comply with social distancing and use of protective equipment. Should be possible to avoid crowding and unnecessary contact. And trips to plan and a time not to put yourself at risk,” summed up the mayor.

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