Lungs recover from coronavirus people can recover for a very long time, stated on 14 June, Professor rnsmu. N. I. Pirogov, pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko.

According to the doctor, COVID-19 in the first place complicates the work of the human respiratory system and affects his lungs.

“After suffering a coronavirus infection in the lung fibrotic changes are observed, as after other inflammatory lung diseases.. people are structural changes that require a long recovery,” said Karabinenko in an interview with radio Sputnik.

He stressed that the lung tissue themselves will recover over time, and the terms depend on individual characteristics of the organism of each person.

the expert recalled that I had been ill in 2009 with swine flu fibrotic lung disease was observed about two years, and some body has not recovered so far.

Earlier, British scientists have found that a protein that helps the immune system fight viral infections, prevents recovery of the lung tissue. The results of their study they presented on June 11.

Experts believe that this discovery may help in the search for effective treatment COVID-19.