At book fairs the presentation of their books all sold-out. Them draws in a few hundred thousand copies will envy even the winners of the award “Big book”. Under this onslaught and book service Litres have posted more than 500 electronic and audio books Russian bloggers. And the International blogger’s day, which is celebrated in the Network on 14 June, was rated the most cool: what bloggers-writers are in trend, who heads the tops of sales.

What is interesting in these ratings? Places distribute – this stuff. And most importantly – they give a portrait of the modern reader. The most important thing for the reader here is: look at yourself in the mirror.

the Lead from bloggers-writers are women. Of those envious called successful and creative, and bullies – samozvanka and bitches. In the first place the author with a promising name Nika Nabokov (@nika_nabokova). Itself it describes itself rather modestly: “I am Writing a cool book: “In bed with your husband. Notes mistress. Wives should read”, “How to stop being a sheep,” “And what if I gave? When I want happiness, but it turned out as always”. Read the text in the blog – will receive a cool relationship.”

pastel colors are Nabokova vying to evaluate thousands of readers: they are here to discuss, but faithfully swallow book after book. The author, I assure you, though, and without psychological education – but “truly writes about what he feels and knows.”

a Great writer is obvious. If the reader is not enough of a whirlwind passionate relationship – it will help hasten the silver medalist from blogerska rating. From Natalia Zubareva (@doctor_zubareva) three million audience. Her women’s health encyclopedia “waltz of the hormones. Weight, sleep, sex, health and beauty as the notes” have collected almost four thousand reviews. Loyal subscribers are snapping up books like hotcakes. Note: they will not stop the skeptics who assert that no “correspondence” Megawati (no matter how the doctor may appear to be the author) does not replace the reader a simple visit to the doctor. And closes the three leaders of Natalia Krasnova (@krasnovanatasha). Her work “Ex. The book is about how to put on those who wanted to put on you” – of course, not inferior to competitors in Peru in frankness. And provocative. Moreover, among the readers of men no less than women.

On the heels of the top three leaders independent writers louboutins – come “mom-bloggers”. They replaced the studs on the sneakers, fitness for a stroll with the kids, and foie Gras – vegetables and farm chicken without salt. And they claim that they can teach you how to do 10 things at once and not go crazy. A book about home educating “a child, or How to become “lazy mom” of a psychologist and the author of the public “Lazy mother” Anna Bykova fans believe a “real encyclopedia for parents”.

With the fans to argue, say, a more expensive. In��t and will not. Especially because we got to the second five rating. And here is a “shark” of social networks, which know how to turn virtual life into a dream (which, of course, comes down to a successful business). Moreover, they are willing to share their know-how.

Among the writers here – and one of the most recognizable bloggers Instagram Alexander Mitroshina (@alexandramitroshina) with a book “Promotion of personal blogs in Instagram”. And bestselling author of “the Zen heels. How to create a new life and business dreams from scratch” Elizaveta Babanova (@elizavetababanova). And Love Soboleva @lyubov_businessblog with a practical manual “the Phenomenon’s Instagram 2.0. All the new chips”.

this flower recommendations for the arrangement of his life on the Internet – top-10 rush and a practical materialist. Olga Marquez (@olymarkes) with the book “What to eat to lose weight? Cooking project #SEKTA”. Psychologist Anna Kiryanova with the book “Little happiness. How to live to be good”. Closes the top ten Queen bodyflex Alina Shpak (@alishkashpak) with “Eat, drink, breathe, grow thin”.

Notice? Any male name. The so-called “strong floor” for rent, and without a fight.

the Men appeared only in the ranking of audiobooks. For those who love. Here are the names of heroes who prefer not to read, and listen. Businessman Kurban Omarov (@zimamoscow) with the book “revelations of men. That may not like women.” Yegor proud (@gord.oskolki) – “13 fragments of personality. The book is strong.” Anton Petryakov (@bazili0) – “FreshLife28. How to start a new life on Monday and not to leave on Tuesday”. And Dmitry Kudryashov (@dimmano) with the book “the Administrator of Instagram. Guide to income”.

The to sum up these ratings? And nothing. One mater Petrel – classic mossy – called writers “engineers of human souls”. In this analogy, now writers are more “managers of virtual souls.” Look thoughtful reader in this “mirror” – where the “soul”? But it is not. It is the Network.

Yeah, speaking about networking! How’s Pushkin (not blogger, poet): “daddy, daddy, our network was dragged…” I will Not say who. Remember – open the workbook.