Pediatrician and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski explained, how can it be unprofitable to wear medical masks. About the dangers of its use, he said in a video posted on YouTube.

According to Komarovsky, light is one of the main tool of thermoregulation in the human body. This statement was illustrated with an example: a person breathes in air with a temperature of 20 degrees, and exhales with a temperature of 36 degrees.


The doctor noted that the constant wearing of masks on the face will make it more difficult to “heat relief”.

“That is the man in the mask, which is in a warm room, much more intensely to sweat and feel uncomfortable,” said Komorowski.

However, he drew attention to the fact that if the employees of the food industry will always wear a mask at work, it will create additional problems.

“He’s sweaty, he’s always sweating, he hands adjusts his mask in the nozzle, and then what does he do? Takes and leaves you a cheeseburger?” — concluded the doctor.

Earlier, Komorowski opened common mistakes when using antiseptics to prevent infection with coronavirus. According to the doctor, for the efficient operation antiseptic necessary contact with the skin for 30 seconds, the alcohol should touch the entire surface of the hands. Also the doctor said that the minimum amount of funds — not less than three milliliters, as fewer will evaporate faster instead of 30 seconds.