Recently in one of the fan account dedicated to the singer Irina Allegrova, Instagram appeared in the picture, which the fans barely got to know my darling – she posed for the camera without the lush mass of curly hair and bright make-up, along with two friends. It was found that the shared long-time friend of the Empress Russian singer Alexander Bogdanovich. He told the story of the picture, and told beauty secret Allegrova portal


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The picture was taken in 2004 in Miami, where the star was real. Together with friends she was grilling, and at some point the company decided to take pictures. At the moment the foreign estate Allegrova has no control over – sold, as it was hard to endure long flights, told Bogdanovich. As for wigs, that they were in the beauty Arsenal of the Empress in 1991.

“I wanted to whiten the hair, and just a new way to do some pills, from which it was possible to produce a solution for dyeing hair, said a friend. In the process of painting the Barber did not take into account the time and overexpose the paint:

“the First week allegrovoj was nice hair, and then she dropped almost all her hair. So I had to buy a wig to play.”

Of course, after some time the hair has grown back and recovered, but beautiful and glamorous wigs firmly established among the scenic beauty accessories Allegrova.

Now the star is 68 years old and, according to Karlin, she is not worried because of his age.