The Director of a controversial TV series zulaikha opens his eyes applied to the Tatars

the Director of a controversial TV series “zulaikha opens his eyes” Egor Anashkin appealed to the Tatars. It is reported portal “Events”.

the Filmmaker was surprised that the Tartars attack “on their own” — namely, on starred the actress Chulpan Khamatova. “Your actress, Tartar, makes your culture is popular for a huge number of people. She does it, she plays”, — he stressed. The Director added that Khamatova — a huge well done and adequately perceive the attacks of the disgruntled spectators.

Anashkin also commented on the fact that the project has caused indignation of Communists. “There are historical facts, and, unfortunately, our country has gone through terrible periods, and to deny them is pointless. Our movie’s not about that, so I see no reason to quarrel and to argue,” he said.

Earlier Khamatova appealed to critics of the series. She offered to hold an online conference: “I with pleasure will take part in it. You spit in my face, say all the bad things, which only wanted, but transfer money to the Fund “give life””.

the Action series “zulaikha opens her eyes” takes place in 1930. The main character, a Tatar peasant, the red guards killed her husband, and her exiled to Siberia. The series premiere took place on air of TV channel “Russia 1”, then the screening of the film demanded to ban the party “Communists of Russia”.