The death of the mother morally crippled actor Dmitry Pevtsov and his wife Olga Drozdov. Recall, Noemie Robert passed away in early June at 92 years old.

In February of Singers congratulated the parent with the birthday, noticing that the very proud of it and believes that the most important person in his life will live as long as possible. 9 Jun women did not: to survive the tragedy, the Singers closed in itself.

As Olga told reporters, Noemie died in the family. Everything happened gradually: relatives tried to do a lot to push back a scary moment. Drozdov noted that the death of Robert was neither for her nor for Dmitry surprise, but the pain was no less. Drozdov now actively looking for a job, what clearly says its status in social networks.


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“Now absolutely no moral strength,” – he explained his refusal of the interview of Olga in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.