wouldn’t have a father, wouldn’t son. And it’s not just lineage. Died in Moscow at the age of 57, the father of Habib Nurmagomedov abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was a master of sports of the USSR on free-style wrestling, the champion of Ukraine in judo and Sambo, honoured trainer of Russia, the senior trainer of a national team of the Republic of Dagestan in combat Sambo. He was one of the most respected coaches not only in MMA but in combat Sambo.

abdulmanap Nurmagomedov sick with coronavirus in April. Illness proceeded hard, it was moved from Dagestan to Moscow at some point reported that as Nurmagomedov Sr. improving, but favorable forecasts, alas, did not materialize. The cause of death is called krovoisliania in the brain – COVID-19 affects including blood vessels.

the Funeral of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov can go today in his native village Kirovaul.

mixed martial arts Fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov has repeatedly stressed stressed the important role of the father in his life. Did publish a few pictures with him and sincerely wrote: “Without good fathers, no good education, in spite of all the school.” Quote not mine, but I totally agree with her”.

A good education is laid in the childhood. “Father did not leave without punishment. He said that if a person performs an action, he should feel him out. I believe that it is right and it is impossible otherwise”.

Habib’s Father may not immediately recognize in the son the talent. But taught him in the hall, so the boy could, if necessary, to stand up for themselves. And said: “Every father in Dagestan wants to raise his son a real defender, capable of defending Home and family.”

And when he later asked, whether he is not concerned for the health of the son during the fighting, saying that it touches more responsibility in front of millions of fans, calling the possible problem of “cost of work”. “My family is the fifth generation fighters. And the victory of Habib is not the first victory and results that are associated with us, my younger brother was European champion and world Sambo”.

abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was told that Habib began to engage on the Mat in his gym. And for 5 years he did everything General developmental exercises, which teach children much older: 10 to 12 years. “Habib started to work with the national team earlier than his peers. I often took on duties and he’s already at an early age was ready to loads that can withstand the adults, he had this advantage.”

the Coach is thought that various physical education provides an advantage in selected then the form. And everywhere, accompanying Habib to travel to the cities, campaigned for, what you need to do the Olympic sports: judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, t��of ekondo. And most importantly – you need to open sports school for children.

Over the years of their lives in sport and coaching Abdulmanap came to the diet that helps top athletes to recover after the race weights: dates, honey, nuts, caviar, a lot of water.

the Coach was trying to instill in students a versatile education, he loved Boxing, a well-played chess. Not to get upset “over nothing”: for example, “money is leaving and coming thing.” Habib has taught poetry and was engaged in the translation: “Now I will force him to learn poetry. Here we have a space, let examine Rasul Gamzatov in the original. He translated from the Avar into English, and cite in America, how to be a man.”

the father insisted that Habib participated in tournaments in different kinds of struggle. The losses, and they periodically occurred in childhood, had only to strengthen the spirit.

“I had to son had learned and felt what it’s like to be defeated. Recently, Habib said, “Dad, you did the right thing. I can’t stand to lose, so “ate” the loss in childhood”.

the Habib always found to father the most compelling words: “In my life father plays a very important role, and almost every major decision I take, only having consulted to the father, I will speak further or not, depends on God and from the opinions of the father. The blessing of the parents is key.”