on 3 July marked 120 years since the birth of the Margarita Rudomino – founder and longstanding Director of the Library for foreign literature, which, since 1991, bears her name, and next year will celebrate its centenary. In anticipation of this event, memories of the meetings with Margarita Ivanovna shared TV journalist Vladimir Pozner.

Posner said the touching story of her first meeting with Margarita Rudomino. After graduating from MSU in 1958, he came to the Foreigner, where he decided to lecture on the innovations of American literature saw the library announcement that there are already such courses in the original language in English, French and German literature. Then with his proposal, Posner turned to Margarita Ivanovna, which is not known.

– I can’t describe her face, but I remember that I immediately liked, – says Posner. – Some homemade and very smart. I said, “hi, I’m so-and-so, I want to tell about novelties of American literature.

– are You a PhD? she asked.

– No, I said.

– Well, then we are not able to do more than ten roubles.

– You know, I have to pay it is not necessary ‘ I said.

Why? she asked with some surprise.

– you See, if you pay me, I owe you must adhere to a certain line, but if you don’t pay me, I can freely say what you want.

– Understand her extraordinary tact and my naiveté – with a smile goes a Poseur – I arrived in the Soviet Union, and believed that I can say what I want… I have started to read once a month lecture about the trends of American literature.

listen to these lectures, according to Posner, came the crowd. The first year it actually worked out absolutely free. And very painfully react, when, in 1973, Margarita Ivanovna, who headed the library for over fifty years, was fired.

– When she took away the library, I swore I would never go back – says Posner. – It was so unfair! Is disgusting that you can not even pass. I went and returned only when the Director was Ekaterina Genieva, which I also love.

Speaking of Margarita Rudomino, Posner noted her kindness and tolerance, but also said that he took part in the celebration of her anniversary. However, the details of Posner not yet uncovered.

In turn, former Director of the “foreign women”, and now the head of the Russian state library Vadim Duda demonstrated the forthcoming first book in the series “great librarians”, which is dedicated to Margarita Rudomino. According to Duda, the publication is scheduled for September. He also noted that the distinctive quality Margarita I. was the ability to look to the future and not about��to Amati attention on short-term market conditions.

Well, imagine what was the situation to create a library of Foreign languages in the early 1920-ies! – says Duda. – This is a great accomplishment and a look into the future. We are now seeing in the library a large number of international cultural centres, despite the fact that to some it may seem that the immediate situation is not very important. But it is very important for the future because future lies in a unified, open, whole world.

I Remembered the Director of the RSL and how the Margarita was saved immediately after the war collection (about two million books) of the German Museum of books and typography German national library. However, most importantly – unforgettable atmosphere of the “Foreigner”, “the special charm of the great Affairs”.

the Grandson of Margarita Rudomino – Vasily Rudomino said that this year in the library of the foreign literature will open a monument to his grandmother. He also noted that in the past actively explored the legacy of Margarita Ivanovna.

a lot of documents, letters that allow you to trace the history “of a Foreigner”, says Vassily. On the basis of this study, we prepared several very interesting articles about 1921-1924 years, when the library was created. Conducted a large study on the establishment of the Linguistic University, which appeared on the basis of foreign language courses, which grandma organized at the library. The University was founded on her initiative.

the Main events dedicated to the anniversary Margarita Rudomino, scheduled for the autumn, but would not stop the pandemic.