In the hospital Kommunarka the morning of April 30 is 540 patients, 337 of them (62% patients) confirmed the new coronavirus. This doctor Denis Protsenko reported in Facebook.

For the last day in the hospital received 70 patients. For last days in the hospital were hospitalized 24 people, even the day before – 37.

Have 532 of 540 patients diagnosed with pneumonia. In the Department of reanimation and intensive therapy are 49 people, of which 26 patients on ventilators. The oxygen out of the intensive care unit is 161 people (30 percent of patients).

Protsenko said that 61 percent of patients who find themselves on a ventilator, from the age of 61 years, 39% aged 41-60 years.

I wrote “the Rambler”, the last day in the capital revealed 2220 infected with a coronavirus. During the monitoring in Moscow has registered 50 646 infected, 4610 of them have recovered, 546 died.