Another version of a possible failure of the actor Mikhail Yefremov to plead guilty in fatal accident gave us a source close to the investigation. Probably talking about “fault” car artist – the jeep Grand Cherokee. It can be assumed that the examination of the jeep revealed Ephraim nuances that are allowed to change.

Interestingly, immediately after the scandalous statements of counsel of Ephraim, the representative of the family of the deceased Sergei Zakharov said, according to the examination, the car of the actor at the moment of failure was serviceable. Elman Pashayev noted that this statement is based on nothing – the representative of the family Zakharov cannot be data examination.

After the accident the car of the actor, as evidence, sent on special Parking of the police Department for CAO. As soon as the investigator of the GUS GU MVD in Moscow appointed “vehicles”, the car was transported to the forensic centre of the Moi. Note, usually because of a procedural delay to the examination of the car reached a month after the event. In the case of Ephraim due to the public response time has decreased dramatically.

In the narrow circles of lawyers, accident well-known tricks, to which sometimes resorted to by unscrupulous lawyers, to defend a client whose guilt is obvious. It used to be that broken in a car accident, the alleged perpetrator just drove with spetsstavki. However, such a clumsy way for a long time already does not work. And in the case of Ephraim it would have been an unheard-of scandal.

the Second option is much easier. It happens that under the cover of night with a car stolen some transport nodes — for example, hubs of wheels or other mechanisms which are necessary for examination. The hub is the main suspension system of the vehicle, important suspension element. It affects the handling and braking distance. If the hub when driving a car fails, the car abruptly changes course, which could trigger an accident.

As the hub speaks about the serviceability of the vehicle. But if the hub is not, that is impossible to carry out the examination — the investigator has to believe the words of the driver.

– for Example, the driver claims that he lost control of the car due to its malfunction. The car allegedly spun-spun, drove into the oncoming lane. And to prove this impossible. No hub — no full-fledged examination, – said our interlocutor.

– As the court in these cases interprets the evidence?

– In favor of the defendant.

Often use such tricks?

– Occasionally. About them know not all lawyers. Cases of accidents is a narrow specialization. Lawyers in divorce cases and sharing out of the assets of such nuances don’t know. Usually, they consult with experts.

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