the British 100-year-old veteran Tom Moore, who helped raise nearly 33 million pounds to combat the coronavirus with walk through his own garden, will receive the title of knight. Make it sir offered Prime Minister UK Boris Johnson.

Tom Moore — a veteran of world war II, serving in the Royal air force, recently completed a course of cancer treatment and restore mobility after a hip fracture. In gratitude, the British doctors he decided to do 100 laps with the Walker on his own garden and to collect for the National health system a thousand pounds. But the donations were more. Much more.

30 APR Moore celebrated its centenary, by this time he already became a national hero. On the day of the birth he was given the honorary title of Colonel, and the British the air force forces congratulated by his flight of aircraft over his house. Congratulations Moore also sent Boris Johnson.

Now Prime Minister sent to the Queen a request to the him the title of knight, and officially it will be called “captain sir Thomas Moore”. Elizabeth II has approved the request of Johnson, officially it will be announced on Wednesday.

In its statement, the British government recalls that the Moore’s achievement was included in the Guinness Book of records.

“Fantastic charitable Colonel Tom’s broken records, inspired the whole country and gave us all a ray of hope in the fog of coronavirus, said Boris Johnson. On behalf of everyone who was touched by this amazing story, I want to Express my deep gratitude to him! He is our real national treasure.”

the leader of the opposition labour party Cyrus Starmer also congratulated Moore and noted that he “inspired millions of people and helped us all to appreciate the incredible achievements of our National health system”.

the birthday of Tom Moore received about 140 thousand greeting cards. Now wishing to write him can begin their letters with the phrase “Sir Tom.”