Deputy Chairman of the security Council, ex-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has predicted what will be the world after a pandemic coronavirus. Their assessment was expressed in the conference “Economics in isolation. As transformirovalsya business in new realities”, organized by Fund “SKOLKOVO”.

Medvedev admitted that he was sorry normal times, those that were 4 months ago “when life was the same.” “But the world has changed dramatically and, most likely, forever,” – said the ex-Premier. According to him, coronavirus brought with them as big problems and new opportunities, “which we should take”.

Speaking about the impact of the pandemic to the world economy, Dmitry Medvedev said that the global GDP will shrink by 3%, losses amount to about 9 trillion dollars.

“It’s the combined GDP of Germany and Japan,” he recalled.

In Russia there are same problems as in other countries – violated the chain of production of the production can’t work because there is no supply from abroad, some spheres, such as tourism and off-line trade is completely stopped. Power, Medvedev recalled, have developed protective mechanisms to support the most affected sectors, but they are not sufficient. “The crisis continues. The total amount of losses we don’t yet understand,” acknowledged the LADIES, noting that the support package will have to change. The former Prime Minister stressed: the smallest losses were the areas that had to reprovisioning.

If the pandemic has fallen on the world 25 years ago, the health consequences, according to Medvedev, would be no less devastating, but the response would not be, since the Internet did not exist, and digital technology was in its infancy. Therefore, there would be no online Commerce, no distance learning, no remote work.

“Now humanity is better prepared to withstand the coronavirus than two or three decades ago,” said the LADIES.

According to him, in postcoronary the era of the technological system will change soon. Pandemic, according to Medvedev, will give rise to a new technological revolution. This is a forced push. But this has happened many times in human history: the great crises led to global transformations.