As stated by a renowned doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, with the increasing number infected with coronavirus new type loses its ability to infect and kill.

this doctor wrote to social networks.

According to him, COVID-19 is filtered through the immune strength and fighting them is wasting his former strength. While the butchers said that with every hit in another organism the virus weakens a little.

a Wave of the spread of infectious diseases in our country subsides, now the majority of cases are asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms.

“All that plays out. Ate a virus that sucked our blood and fell off. Let’s hope for a long time,” said the doctor.

However, the repeal of a restrictive measure is still too early, he butchers.

he stressed the importance of maintaining restrictive measures. This dwindle in order to gain time, and to make “rise of the curve is flatter”.

“Not we ultimately win, and he fizzles out, we need to wait out with minimal losses,” — explained the butchers.