When the government will start easing of restrictive measures and the opening of fitness centers and cinemas, beauty salons and other establishments where there is a massive crowd of people, you need to follow a few rules to not get sick. It is reported by the candidate of medical Sciences Andrey Kondrakhin.

the Medic said that in all the public areas need to be wearing masks and gloves. In this regard, in theaters should refuse drinks and popcorn. “We came to watch the film, then, and only his face — we’ll eat at home”, – quotes the expert “Evening Moscow”.

as for fitness centers, Kondrakhin recommended to maintain social distance and carry out disinfection of the equipment. The doctor urged not to get rid of the gloves and advised to replace them with cotton, so that your palms weren’t sweating. A person still shouldn’t touch in the room you can bring your towel.

according to the doctor, “the Petri dish” are the cosmetics stores located in shopping centers. Besides the danger of probes, which he said the specialist admitted that the problem represent and spirits. Spraying fragrance promotes rapid breathing, and if there will be infected COVID-19 or SARS, the probability of contamination will increase dramatically.

visitors to the beauty Kondrakhin advised to bring their own instruments for the procedure, come in exactly at the appointed time and put on a respirator.

Earlier, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that “regime survival” in the capital will last until the vaccine for coronavirus. However, he stressed that since 1 June in the city offer domestic services that do not require prolonged contact.

According to the latest data, in Russia recorded 379 051 cases of infection with coronavirus, 4142 died.

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