now, Jason Hargrove, a bus driver, of Detroit, died from the effects of the corona virus. The guy went down from the previous month, another viral video in which he is, however, a passenger who has been undisturbed and was coughing on the bus. Fear of the virus is also true: Hargrove hit four days later, infected with a virus and passed away on Wednesday of last week.

as Hargrove put his angry newly released on the 21st of march is on Facebook. The man could not be verkroppen that adult women are four to five times and coughed from her mouth, covering it. “And to think that they know that we are in a pandemic situation are,” said the driver. “It makes me realize that some people don’t care about. If we want to get in, we must all take very seriously.” What is the driver for the virus increased, it is not known.

in the Meantime, it is the most emotional video message, in all, hundreds of thousands of views. “I can’t believe that it is possible to watch it without tears in my eyes,” said Mike Duggan, mayor of Detroit during a news conference. “He knew that his life is in danger, even though he went out every day to work. And now, he’s not there any more.”

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