netizens from the UK resented by the choice of the American actress Kristen Steward for the role of Princess Diana. Chilean Director Pablo Larrain chose her for the lead role in the movie “Spencer”.

according to the newspaper the Daily Mail, the inhabitant of Foggy Albion are not happy that lady Di will play a British actress, and especially one that is nothing like her.

“There are many British Actresses who would be better suited for this role, Princess Diana was classy, Kristen is not. They are not even similar,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another commenter notes that Kristen Stewart, who plays Diane, it’s “the wrong decision for many reasons.”

“Kristen is one of the greatest modern Actresses. She has so much to be mysterious, tender and strong, and we just need it,” said the Director.

Larrain noted that he was pleased with the reaction of the Steward to the script and also expressed confidence that the actress will show “something wonderful and exciting”.