Summer berries, strawberries and raspberries, it is not necessary to wash, you can only do this for your own peace. This was stated by agronomist, plodonosit Elizaveta Tikhonova.

According to her, the strawberries treated with a weak solution of antibiotics before transport, so various infections die on the way or at the time of use, said the agronomist.

“as soon As berry gets to us in her mouth, she spit disinfected, and then disinfected in the stomach, which is just hydrochloric acid with pH’s creepy,” said Tikhonov radio Sputnik.

the Expert advised to wash the strawberries in hot or warm water, if it was in the refrigerator.

“It’s very weak solutions, nothing to fear. This is a good thing because we are processing not only from disease of the strawberry, but also from diseases that can be caused by hands that gathered the strawberries,” – said Tikhonov.

Raspberries are treated immediately after flowering, so they do not remain in the berries. For use it can be rinsed with water, nothing else to do.