From coronavirus they were forced to cancel a real celebration.

33-year-old Louise Bromby and 35-year-old Patrick Abby from London planned for the end of may its a big and luxurious wedding, which invited more than 200 people. The couple admitted that they had organized the celebration for several months, but the pandemic coronavirus has made adjustments to their plans.

Teary groom ties the virtual knot in a commitment ceremony in Hitched at Home

a few weeks before the wedding, it became clear that the celebration will not take place. Then Patrick and Louise have applied for participation in the new TV shows Hitched At Home (“home Married”) and unexpectedly became her heroes. Almost a week professionals from various fields was organized by the lovers of chic celebration at home with food, decorations, music and even famous guests.

This lucky couple aren’t just getting a wedding organised by lockdown @fredsirieix1”s top contacts and friends… they also get a socially distanced kiss ?

Hitched at Home: Our Lockdown Wedding is on @Channel4 at 9pm! #HitchedAtHome

the Only caveat was the lack of real guests: relatives of the couples participated in the ceremony via video link. Newlyweds but this circumstance has not confused. Patrick during the ceremony, burst into tears, and Louise noted that wedding, even from home, exceeded all her expectations, writes Metro.

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