it Turned out that this is a very dangerous jellyfish.

42-year-old Fox from North Wales at the end of June went to the beach Colwyn Bay with his 5-year-old daughter Erin.

Walking along the cliffs, they noticed in the sand near the water something unusual — a giant multi-colored disc with a diameter of 1.8 meters.

Father-of-three snaps his five-year-old daughter next to 6ft giant lion’s mane jellyfish washed up on Welsh beach

Coming closer, the House learned in the “subject” of a monster from the depths of the sea. He was a Hairy jellyfish cyanea, also known as “Lion’s mane”, so named due his thick and long tentacles.

the Lanei are the largest jellyfish of the oceans — in diameter they can reach over 2 meters, and the length of the tentacles can reach up to 36 meters). They also have unusual coloration. In addition, these jellyfish are very dangerous. Although their bite is not lethal to humans, the burn from an encounter with this creature is quite painful.

According to Fox, at a local beach often to be found the jellyfish, but it was the first time I met such a huge sea creature, writes Daily Mail.

to Approach the jellyfish too close to the House with her daughter did not, but made an amazing photo.

Catherine Gura

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