Ivan Telegin and Pelagia

At the end of last year, the 33-year-old Pelagia and the 28-year-old Ivan Telegin announced their separation, and in may of this year they officially filed the divorce papers. Earlier, the singer said that he is going to disperse peacefully and Telegony and is not going to share the marital assets in court. Today it became clear that recently, the star changed her mind.

In an interview with the publication lawyer Pelagia, who was involved in the drafting of the settlement agreement for the couple, said that over the past few months, the behaviour of hockey has changed dramatically. He was no longer interested in the lives of their three year old daughter Taisia and to render her any material assistance. In this situation, Pelagia decided to sort things out with her ex-husband solely in the court.

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia with her daughter Taisia

the Field was forced to file for child support because Vanya has completely withdrawn. Over the past few months, he saw the daughter a couple of times for 15-20 minutes. Its success not interested. Of course, Pelagia is experiencing: a three year old difficult to explain why the Pope suddenly disappeared,

— said family lawyer of the singer.

representative of the star said that Ivan Telegin has done likewise, with Pelageya was still family. So, after the death of a close friend Pelagia he had not provided her with the support she so much needed at the moment.

She asked her husband to be there to escort her to the funeral of a comrade. It’s so natural. But instead, Ivan again, withdrew and chose to go with friends to the bath for the night. There was a quarrel, which was the beginning of the end

— said the representative of the star.

Ivan Telegin mom and daughter Taisia

Shortly after this incident, Pelagia found out that her husband was close with his current sweetheart Mary Potter. According to the lawyer, the singer was shocked when I found out about the relationship of the hockey player with Gonchar, because the new fiancee of her husband is a representative of the family, where the Pelagia even before that he had a bad relationship.

the Lawyer said that the Moscow apartment where the couple lived, was purchased together with the old guard with the money her mother, and the house — a mortgage, which is paid by the couple from the family budget. When this star has invested in the improvement of a country cottage own a lot of money and effort — that is why the lawyer is convinced that the entire property after the divorce, should go to Pelagia and her little daughter Taisia

the courts will decide! Including questions on country house. Lawyers Pelagia think it would look bad if the mansion will go to Ivan. Family home bought to there lived a family with a child, not a cheating husband with BJbonica. br>

Recall that Ivan Telegin and Pelagia had been married for three years, in 2017 gave birth to daughter Taisia, and in December 2019, the fans suddenly announced their breakup. After a while it became clear that the player twisted new novel. His choice was a businesswoman Maria Gonchar. Earlier in his statement about divorce with Pelageya, the athlete said that the breakup “is no fault of third parties.”

Pelageya with her daughter Taisia