“Natural blonde”, apparently seriously engaged in rebuilding their lives. Basque thoroughly lost, and he wanted to cling to my happy place, to marry a nice girl and have kids.

“my friends – Oleg and Katya four children. It is such a joy. And, looking at them, I started thinking about my future family… Because 13 years passed after my divorce, I already had your fun, want a family, children and beautiful wife”, – quotes the singer “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Voiced by Nikolay Baskov and their demands for a future spouse – it is not so important appearance of the chosen one; he was familiar with the first beauties – Actresses, models, and he is looking for the one that will be the real mistress of their homes and, of course, with him “on one wave”.

“Just a gun-bomb!” Photo Baskov admired network

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, surrounded by Baskov say that if concerts and corporate events will not continue, then the Golden voice of Russia declare bankruptcy.

Supposedly Basque has sold his Moscow apartment, to somehow pay off debts.