Anticipating the announcement of the winner, the leading online ceremony the actor Alexey Guskov, has shared the main news of the award. Starting next year, the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the “Azbest” will be elected for a year or two. In 2021-m the organizing Committee will be headed by a member of the Petit jury 2020 Vladislav Tolstov.

After the presentation of all books-finalists, started the voting of the jury. Writer Tatyana Solomatina, scattered books finalists criticisms, said, “national literature, very sick” and “in the absence of the washerwoman have a janitor,” and still voted for the book of Michael Yelizarov. Book reviewer Vladislav Tolstov made a bet on Uran Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina, and film critic and author Mikhail Trofimenkov – on “Glow “of gemorah” Sofia Know. All agreed the voice of the writer Andrey Rubanov, also inherited Elizarov.

as a result, the two voices of the four received a “Land” of Mikhail Elizarov, who became the winner of the 2020. He will share the prize in 1 million roubles in the ratio of 9:1 with his nominator Alex by Kolobrodov.