he said this on his Twitter page. 39-year-old Casillas wrote an appeal to the fans. In may last year, he suffered a heart attack and did not participate in the matches.

“it is Important the way in which you go, and the people who accompany you, and not the destination to which it will lead you, because he had done the work and invested effort is always the same. I think I can without hesitation say that it was the path and the destination of dreams” – written by Casillas.

During his rich career, Casillas has managed to win the world championship, twice won the Championships. With real Madrid, for which he played from 1998 to 2015, he won three times in the Champions League. On account of Casillas five victories in the championship of Spain, twice with the Madrid club he won the Spanish Cup four times and the super Cup of the country.

Going to the Portuguese “Port” the Spaniard became the double champion of Portugal Cup and the super Cup.

What he plans on doing next, Casillas said. Previously, he was going to run for President of the Royal Spanish football Federation, but then withdrew his candidacy. Media reported that the ex-goalkeeper of real Madrid to take the post of adviser to the President of the club of Madrid.