President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko delivered Tuesday in a keynote speech, which touched on a wide range of topics. In particular, he noted that at destabilizing the situation in Belarus “thrown billions of dollars in resources”, but the country has been “exhausted the limit of revolutions”. He promised to give tough resistance to unauthorized performances during the presidential elections, and presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski and its allies called “the unhappy girls”. He said Mr. Lukashenko about relations with Russia. “Kommersant” has asked experts to share their impression of the heard.Read telefoto: / ShraibmanАртем Artyom shraibman, political analyst (Minsk, Belarus):— a Large part of the message of Alexander Lukashenko responded to opponents and argued with them. As usual, it was a lot of emotion. They can be divided, I think, on three promise.First: we hear your frustration, be patient, all will be well. Second: those who do not understand, will be given a very harsh response. And third, think again. Think again, because the country is in danger.It is really an abnormally long time was engaged in dispute with virtual opponents. The positive part of the message almost drowned in negative confrontation. And I cannot fail to mention (although I’m certainly no expert in this field) in a difficult emotional state, which remained the President. People during the message to people and Parliament, responding to some social media posts. Reacts to what the graduates of the Lyceum of BSU wrote a collective letter criticizing his actions. That some of the stars and leading Belarusian television betrayed, that is, his former employers. It is all very hurt.There have been attempts, especially in the beginning of the message, combining the message and you in chains of solidarity, and riot police in front of you is one people, our people, our youth. But then again they drowned in the promises that power structures will suffice on all who oppose. That is a clear no impression except what a person really is in a very difficult emotional state now. And this determines not only his words but also his actions.Was another important message: “You are ungrateful. I have so much to give, and you don’t appreciate me”. It is also held refrain. Lukashenka is offended on people. He knows perfectly well that his approval rating is not the same as always, but he is offended by it. Offended by the fact that people did not appreciate his efforts.Photo: RIA Novotelecom shpakovskiy, political analyst (Minsk, Belarus):— I would say that the message was fairly concise and at the same time very emotional. The President’s opponents used to say that Lukashenko appeals exclusively to stability or recalls the 1990s, but not talking about the future. Today I clearly saw that it is not. A lotof attention was dedicated to youth, including the willingness of the government to dialogue with the youth, even with that few infantile now understand the upcoming change.Much has been said about the high technologies, the Belarusian nuclear power plant, development of the IT industry. It is obvious that economic reforms in Belarus will be carried out by the method of indiscriminate privatization and shock therapy. Rather, in parallel with the preservation and modernization of the existing enterprises there will be new industries such as nuclear energy, IT, green economy and so on. For me it was very interesting from the point of view of the President, which represent a reactionary and a conservative, which is not true. By the way, the same laws about the high technologies Park (HTP), which is now attributed to the failed candidate (Valery Tsepkalo, who led the Park.— “Kommersant”),— in fact, the merit of Lukashenko. His signature is under regulatory legal acts on the establishment of the HTP, the introduction of cryptocurrencies and other.The second important aspect of foreign policy. Once again sounded the thesis that we will never give up the Alliance with Russia, this choice irresistible. It sounded and disappointment in the actions of the Russian Federation, which has fraternal relations with the official Minsk was replaced by partner. Sounded that it was done in vain.Private military company “Wagner”, the Belarusian side announced the availability of the investigators of irrefutable evidence that the group was planning to stay in Belarus and were waiting for an order. The testimony received from detainees themselves. In addition, there is information about that in the South of our country operates on another group related to this private military company, which, incidentally, is not registered in Russia. That is, we do not understand with which legal entity they are dealing and who their customer is. At the same time — which is important — any accusations against the Russian Federation, the Russian leadership did not sound. While we, Belarus, understand who is the true customer of this provocation. Now conducted search actions, and I do not exclude that in the near future these people will also be detained.To read Galeed, the rhetoric, of course, was Patriotic, protective. On the one hand, Lukashenko expressed confidence that we will maintain the stability and handling. On the other — clearly sounded the alarm against the upcoming August 9 (the day of the election.— “B”) events. There were calls to youth, to parents, to those who now find themselves under the influence of destructive propaganda, to keep people from harmful actions. I would not say that it is anxiety for the fate of his government. It is rather a desire to avoid some unpleasant consequences for the safety of people and the image of the state.Photo: Evgeny Dudin, Kommersantdaily Navosha, co-founder the native of the Minsk region: the Impression, frankly, depressing. And not only because of the constant references to 1990 is familiar: the closer the election, the worse Lukashenka be the 1990s. He was obviously trying to scare “these extremists,” which “destabilize the country” and that he gives “instant back the hard way.” Called three United against him the girls of the staffs of independent candidates “dust puppets”. And frightened, I suspect, only his. Alexander G. regularly speaks about chaos around the world and about Belarus as an island of stability, but when the election is described as “hybrid war”, and to the vertical sounds of the requirement “not to betray” this stability will hardly believe even the most gullible. While the enemies back is marked abstract as possible, again, we heard some “puppeteers”. Specifics sounded several times only in relation to Telegram channels, which he regularly spoke before.What could be more boring this genre appeals of the President to the bureaucratic elite? But this will definitely go down in history. At the 27th year of the reign of a sick, hunted Telegram-TV the sole ruler encourages the vertical by any means to defend the besieged fortress. But it seems he is beginning to lose confidence in her loyalty.Photo: / TravinДмитрий Dmitry Travin, scientific Director of the Center for modernization studies at the European University (Saint Petersburg):it is Clear that such — and Vladimir Putin, and Alexander Lukashenko — is the performances of the two authoritarian leaders. Many of them seems owing to the fact that they are autocrats. But there are differences. Lukashenko, of course, in its style — much more the Soviet people. I heard he’s such passages that Putin will not remember. In any case, Putin is not doing an accent. In fact, Lukashenko lost the track on some stories about the benefits of planning and implementation of the planned economy. And when it is embedded in a text that started with the fact that there is a global economy that Belarus is an export-oriented country — of course, it looks ridiculous. A planned economy cannot be combined with export orientation in the global economy.Putin usually the emphasis is on the fact that Russia — a great power. Little Belarus, so Lukashenka this accent can not do. He emphasized on the fact that it’s such an island of stability in Central Europe. In this there are differences. Overall though, these are two of the autocrat-twin.I did not bother to present the protests as a youthful mistake — in his position, this is a reasonable approach. If a significant part of the country stands on a Proagainst him, why deepen the division. It can’t all be suppressed, so we need to somehow find a approach to friendly positions. This is the speech made sense. Another thing is that the arguments were weak, it’s hard to imagine young Belarusian children who would be tempted.Photo: Dmitry Lebedev, Commerciallyoriented Iskandaryan, Director of Caucasus Institute (Yerevan):— I would not say that the speech sounded some unexpected notes. Mr. Lukashenko operated on a standard for itself the discourse that Belarus is a quiet haven with a country that is not making mistakes that all around. That it is in any case impossible to destroy, it is necessary to maintain stability, and to stability, it is necessary that he remained President. This is absolutely not a new discourse for Belarus, and references to early 1990-ies is unlikely to work for that group of the population that Lukashenko called deceived, namely the youth. Was heard some resentment against Russia, that now the countries are not brothers but partners and it is not written, but understood the accusations of destabilization of the situation with the help of mercenaries. They say it is not true that they flew somewhere, they were sent specifically to Belarus. Again, this is not new, accusations against Russia occur quite often.There were a few funny reservations. First: speaking about the independence of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko said, “a quarter century” and not almost 30 years — obviously, this time he is in power. Second, when he listed the countries that we look at Belarus, look on with hope that the country will remain stable, he began with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. “Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Caucasus and brotherly Ukraine with Russia” — about the way it sounded, kind of a Freudian slip.But in General I speech seemed pretty formulaic. I was expecting more sharpness, the fact that Lukashenka will be more critical of Russia and its position.Prepared by Olga Paskevicha happened in Belarus on the eve of the next fiberoptical