Hard is a video that makes fun of modern “challenges” in which the young people sometimes demonstrate any improper conduct and thereby earn hundreds of millions of views online, took Philip. With his characteristic perfectionism in any case, he first made fun of himself for different kinds of advertising that “funds from constipation”, the “dog food”, and then smoothly brought the story to youth challenges.

the plot of the book first is to ensure a substantial amount to take part in this action, and then it turns out that he needed not much is not enough on camera to wet himself. “When this world took a wrong turn? I vpahivat, Papa Carlo, they attract the best choreographers, the best Directors to collect millions of views, and you can just (rude word – ed.) in your pants?”- asks Philip. And after shows, as it does, because it already took full payment in advance.

Video is full of funny passages and phrases. For example: “I better tighten the belt and sit on the buckwheat and oysters!” and many others, at times breaks all rules of decency.

despite the fact that the video is quite hard, the people welcomed him with applause. “The way it is: work for years, and then the guy pees in his pants and it turns out that it works. Philip, you’re beautiful!”, – this kind of comments threw the Russian pop king. But was shocked to see the fans: “We are not ready for such trash”. Someone called out to Alla Pugacheva, so she came in and brought Philip on the right path, because “the book obviously went wrong.” It is necessary to notice that such a tough, sometimes profane, but also very funny scenes does Maxim Galkin, parodist though he, not the man. But to remove such Galkin, of course, will not allow neither education nor deliberate intelligence, although it is really to the point and therefore largely forgivable.