Patients with COVID-19 cease to be infectious after 11 days after the onset of symptoms. It is reported by The Straits Times, citing scientists of the National centre of infectious diseases of Singapore.

The researchers found that recovering patients tests can show the presence of the virus, but it is no longer a danger. According to the Asian virologists tests identify parts of the genome of the virus, but cannot determine whether the virus is viable or not.

Now the patient with the identified COVID-19 will be discharged only after two negative tests. In Singapore labor experts said that the new results allow us to revise criteria for the discharge. The study showed that although patients may be a positive result, it “is not always equivalent to the infectivity or viable virus.”

It is noted that rule 11 days was not always adhered to. For example, patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, may show different dates.

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Scientists also theorized that the virus SARS-CoV-2, calling the disease COVID-19, has a high level of infectiousness because it combines the genomes of other coronaviruses.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that Putin called the timing of the new wave of the epidemic.