the Artistic Director of the Gorky Moscow art Theater Eduard Boyakov commented on the fatal accident involving Mikhail Efremov. He believes that what happened was not only the artist himself, but society.

the artistic Director of the Gorky Moscow art Theater, said in an interview KP.RU that Efremov “felt their impunity and went for it,” while the public only encourage this behavior.

According to Boyakov, the audience creates millionaires bloggers for their likes and reposts and forms related to the “stars” in the media field. “We develop the mold,” said he.

artistic Director of the Theater believes that one should not raise on a pedestal those who have no spiritual authority and intellectual data. “Here joke, a wink here, here poems to read to stab someone,” said Boyakov. In conclusion, it is suggested to stop calling these people “stars” and called “to put them in their place”.

the Tragedy occurred on the evening of 8 June. Efremov, being in an alcohol intoxication, on his jeep drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into the car Lada, whose driver, 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov, later died in hospital from loss of blood. Ephraim was sent under house arrest until August 9. To it threatens from 5 till 12 years of prison.

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