At the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 almost half of Russians, or almost was not, or was even absent any savings. To such conclusion experts of the analytical center NAFI, who in June conducted a survey on this topic.

according to RBC, citing data from the report centre almost or quite absent money for a “rainy day” 45% of Russians. Even 29% of citizens had some savings, but not sufficient in order to survive the crisis caused by the pandemic. Financial safety cushion, which allowed us to sit in isolation even without income, was only 26% of the population.

Among those who did not have savings, money problems during the isolation occurred in 57% of the respondents. Taking into account all citizens, the rate was not much lower – 46%.

the authors of the study concluded that experienced the crisis has forced Russians to change life values are health, family, and digital technologies. Analysts also predicted a significant reduction in conspicuous consumption.

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