Ksenia Sobchak will shoot a film about violence against teenagers in Sredneuralskaya convent. The work can significantly affect the image of chiyoumen Sergius, whose views are not always shared, but the charity projects supported.

Sobchak, who arrived at the monastery accompanied by the former novices, said that her movie will be about corporal punishment novices adolescents. This was confirmed by people familiar with the operation of the presenter sources, reported URA.RU.

For example, a former nun, named Christina, said that children in the monastery was beaten with a cable and whipped with a belt. A number of such stories gives the example of an Orthodox activist from Yekaterinburg ilina Raisa, who is fighting against father Sergius. So, one of the monks told Ilyina that they had such obedience is to beat the other if they will not listen.

There are examples when people in the monastery was kept. From time to time such conflicts arise from the monastery by relatives of young girls. Novices in these cases, hiding from relatives in distant hermitages. Ilyin personally helped one family where the mother sought her daughter in the monastery. She got there out of stupidity — influenced aunt. The girl just took while the mother was away.

The nuns hid from the mother, where the girl was hidden in the monasteries, but in the end the girl managed to escape and go home. There are stories about the back-breaking tasks, heavy work, which turns into slave labour. To rebel against this impossible man say in response: “Learn obedience. Obedience above prayer.”

In the monastery refuse to acknowledge the history of the former novices. So, father Sergius Vsevolod Moguchev says he never heard about violence on the territory of the monastery and did not see “any poor child”. And if it was something like that, at least, “someone would’ve known about it”.

Earlier reported that information on violence against children in Sredneuralskaya convent spread by the media, will be studied in the Ekaterinburg diocese. It is known that the Confessor Sredneuralskaya convent were now prohibited from serving Abbot Sergiy (Romanov), to be the center of attention after preaching about COVID-19.