Ex-wife of Michael Efremova Kseniya Kachalina explained how an actor could get into a fatal accident. According to Kachalino, Efremov seriously ill and if he took drugs, just to relieve the pain.

The actor has been suffering from asthma, said the former wives of stars, he often “terrible attacks” of asthma. And that night, probably Ephraim too was this kind of attack, quoted former actress “Express newspaper”.

This attack is “covered” Ephraim, he lost control of the SUV. And if his blood and found traces of drugs, it is purely to neutralize “the terrible pangs of asthma.”

If Mike did drugs, for pain relief. He is a very sick person and experiencing great pain due to severe asthma. I think that during the asthma attack he committed this deadly turn, explained the incident, the former companion of the actor.

She Kachalina prohibited substances not spoiled. She stated that even recently passed a drug test, which showed a negative result.

Earlier reported that the ex-wife of the actor of Michael Efremova Kseniya Kachalina said that their joint daughter Anna-Maria wants to throw a father in jail and her in a psychiatric hospital. According to the woman, the girl actually sitting on his father’s neck and commanded it, and now all does what she wants.