Elena Kamburova amazing house. Like a giant bird sat among the bushes, not having to fold the wings. It was designed by the nuns of Novo-Golutvina monastery. Strange story, however, as all around. “You want me to be flexible like a willow. So I can without a break, to bend. But I have another tree,” the singing Kamburova.

“I’m friends with them, the courtyard of the monastery is nearby. Wanted a small house. But the nuns swung. Mother Elena, on all hands, practically built this house. At first I was scared of this huge, but then I used to,” says the actress with such a familiar tone, it seems, insecure, shy tone.

the house is dark, as if a hundred years old, wood is in its simplicity and unbuttoned any side not mounted to the architecture sleek, enclosed by an impenetrable fence villas country village Volovici. Home to watch the Windows in the field do not interfere, not even virtual netting that was drifting between farms. Infinite nature is found.

“it’s so quiet Here. Nothing will make me to make a powerful high fence. I can’t stand when cut off”, – says the hostess. We go past the hammock on the terrace (“My place, here I like to read”), through the living room where in the corner of a favorite icon of Xenia of Petersburg, climb to the second floor. It all works for friends. Light and cool. A big table, wooden, author. “Not Nadinskogo you?” – asks the photographer. – “Sure” – directly illuminates the hostess. The architect, the Creator of ancient Russian village “epics”, Anatoliy was friends with many famous people. It came, and Alla Pugacheva and Boris Yeltsin, and Jim Carrey. Kamburova and he brought this one is made according to ancient techniques table straight home. As a gift. Tomorrow for it is easy to accommodate a big company out of the theater. Then you will be able to sleep: the couch in the house are also missing.

On the wall symbolic and very favorite among famous French singer – I love Jacques Brel. She accidentally fell to his concert in the Variety theatre. Alloy acting and singing so shook the young Godunov and in one person that one of her first performances of the theater became many years later the production of “Hello, Jacques Brel!”, where she joined Brel and Vysotsky.

As expressed by Elena Antonovna, the house is full klonopinonline beings. Among them graceful Piero a quote from another famous play “the dream Play”, the eternal companion and alter ego of the singer.

– What is so close to this white man, the Frenchman?

Piero capable of anything. It can be this and that. This is the man who openly says what he wants. Brave and touching.

Also a bold and touching Kamburova during the presentation of state asked the President to help the weak. “I sat and waited their turn. Didn’t that is to say. Listening to people praise, recalls a long history of Elena. – And suddenly decided that the most important thing in our lives depends on how society treats defenseless people and animals. Came out and said. The President of my words have caused misunderstanding. But some people – Yes. I saw their faces: they had no sympathy…”

Tsokaya claws the stairs, burst into the room of a young, fun dog, nigger, with a yellow badge in the ear. These hang to the homeless and vaccinated against infectious human diseases to the dogs. “The boy?” – burst of surprise.

– We call him Blackie, he’s a nobody and is very bound to us. But “Boys” in my life was much, – taking the hint, explains Elena Antonovna. – Boy-first – this being a very favorite Faina Ranevskaya. It is, in fact, made me patronage. When I came the first time to the Faina G., it is so good to me treated, which even surprised the owner. The dog is not all full tilt. So Ranevskaya said: “Come!”

in General, it is a miracle that we met her. I was twenty-five years, when, as an actress, I read on the radio “Youth” Gorkovskaya “Nunu”. Many times I heard the record and responded with a letter that began with the words: “I Never wrote on the radio… And then all sorts of compliments. I did not think that it is necessary to thank, I didn’t occur to her to bother. But one friend who knew about the letter Ranevskaya said: going to the Faina G., if you want, come with me. We arrived and were greeted very severely. But later she relented. I modestly sat in a corner, Ranevskaya asked: “Who are you?” I said, “Kamburova”. And then she spoke: “Darling, thank God you FIFA!” And then there’s the Boy I service rendered. I was still amazed that she had remembered my name.

the Story of a Boy, the second was the monument to stray animals “Sympathy”.

– This dog is very loved. She lived at Novoslobodskaya, where her lure, and then a young girl killed her – says Elena Antonovna very casually and it is not alone. – Approached and stabbed with a knife… we were all shocked. Decided to make a monument. Created a Board of Trustees, except where I entered Bella Akhmadulina, Elina Bystritskaya, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Fazil Iskander, and many other artists. It was difficult to ensure that the monument put in the subway. But now the copper head Boy shines, because all of his iron.

Kamburova says and notices nothing, hopes tortoiseshell cat Pasha. You can jump on my knees and curl up into a ball. Never mind that elegant, chocolate-coloured dress, the singer will be in wool.

– my parents never instilled, – the hostess pretends not to notice. But from childhood I was madly in love with the beast�� cats and dogs. Always understand how it is difficult to live, especially the homeless. And then the one who is able to hurt a dumb creature, did not hesitate to insult and humiliate a person… I Love to remember the story in the new York zoo was a mirror, and beneath it the inscription: “the Most dangerous creature on Earth”.

the Second cat Kamburova Lusya (abbreviated from Lmusic) peach hairy beast, only flashed his mane and hid in the cool shade of the cherries.

the Sun is in the Zenith. In the greenhouse, rampaged cabbage, on a bed with flowers – potatoes, a lush Bush of Thistle in stubble field master – the beauty of a summer garden! “And flowers, and bumblebees, and grass, and ears,

And in the blue, and the midday heat…” comes to mind Ivan Bunin performed Kamburova.

She loves summer for what blooming daisies, the “divine eye”, generally favors wild flowers that grow by themselves. But summer man, neither by spirit, nor by temperament and aesthetic preference, Elena Antonovna difficult to call. Her delicate and silent art of the Pushkin autumn depth and poetry. “Beauty, of course, nothing compares to fall, the actress says, that is full understanding. – A variety of colors, soft, soft. Especially good in the autumn trees. Here’s me in front of the porch five bartosek. There is nothing more touching. Trees for me – the joy of the earth. They’re also living. By the way, recently learned that Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was trying everywhere there’s been, to plant a Bush, tree.”

“the Other trees” – a General theme of creativity. For example, you have to be “a different tree” to begin to sing Gumilev, who was shot for anti-Soviet conspiracy, and Mandelstam, who was diagnosed: “We live under him not sensing the country…”

I learned early on that the songs with average verses do not suit me. Vladimir Dashkevich wrote a cycle of songs on poems by Mandelstam. They shocked me. When he spoke, always thought: in the hall what a stooge you are, something somewhere will write. And really, wrote. My repertoire can be difficult. Very early realized that there was monstrous things. Not only because the relatives of the repressed. The poems understand. “Requiem” Akhmatova, which I did, can at me not to act. Okudzhava amazing. This is for me so here is the most dear person because he only wrote about kindness, about beauty. In his songs you can learn to live. “Conscience, honor and dignity. Here it is our sacred army! Give him your hand, for it is not scary and into the fire.” A program of life.

About conscience and dignity they used to say in the kitchens, and now in the cottages. The quiet voice of a generation, who preferred poetry to other art forms, not to hear personal car, which due to coronavirus watch concerts of stars in the stadiums. Or: “keep on trying, Maestro, don’t remove his hands from his forehead”?

– POPs, fortunately not all destroyed. When I started, students were very interested in poetry. However, there were meetings with a different audience, where people wondered: “I’m such a tree”? What is it? What is it about?” Accustomed to the Soviet stage, they had no idea that you can Express yourself in the song and different. Now look in a completely different pragmatic hall. About the degeneration of the songs, few people say, but we are, what music we listen to.

But here’s the surprise: in Krasnodar appeared fan club Elena Kamburova. A group of boys and girls who are 14-15 years old, studying her record, know the songs. Maybe the world still will turn to the other great poetry?

About you say: Kamburova is the art of silence…

Elena Kamburova: I Have a song I sing not sound, and the “shadow of sound”. Without a microphone it’s impossible. Okudzhava song “After the rain”. If I’m going to sing loudly, it will disappear. Big sound only a whisper.

is Your favorite war song?

Elena Kamburova: If you select one, it is “Forgive the infantry” Bulat Okudzhava. But we have the play “Victory-Requiem”. I love him very much and she is sticking to it.

Where are your parents?

Elena Kamburova: My roots in the Donetsk region. There since Catherine the great there were many Greek settlements.