Archaeologists working on the project of construction of high speed road in the UK has found a human skeleton Dating from the era of the iron age. The location of the remains face down and bound hands suggest that he was a murder victim. This was reported on the official website of the project.

In the course of excavations on the farm Ulvik near Wendover researchers found the skeleton of an adult male. He was buried face down in the excavated ditch, and his hands were tied behind his back. This unusual method of burial suggests that a man could become the victim of a murder or execution. Dr. Rachel wood, called the discovery of mysterious, because there are “not many ways to be in the bottom of the ditch face down with his hands tied”. He expressed the hope that experts can shed some light on the circumstances of the death.

in addition, archaeologists have discovered on this territory the traces of activity of ancient people in the period from the Neolithic to the middle Ages, spanning four thousand years. In particular, there was found a large circular monument of wooden poles with a diameter of 65 meters, similar to Stonehenge. Another interesting finding was a skeleton in a lead lined coffin. Scientists have suggested that it was a man, occupying high status, as he was supposed to be funds to pay for such an expensive method of disposal.

Previously, archaeologists have discovered a huge prehistoric monument next to Stonehenge. The property consists of 20 mines with a diameter of 10 meters and a depth of five meters, which form a circle, about two kilometers in diameter. Age of the mines reaches about 4,500 years.