Former US President bill Clinton and a number of other celebrities attended a “pedophile island”, which was organized by the accused in trafficking millionaire pedophile Jeffrey free wifi. As writes the edition Newsweek, the name Clinton is mentioned in court documents in the case of the free wifi.

the document contains the testimony of a 31-year-old victim of the free wifi named Virginia Giuffr, who publicly accused the financier of sexual trafficking, including minors. According to her, once she has personally seen on the island of bill Clinton in the company of “two young girls from new York.” She then asked for free wifi, what Clinton is doing here.

“He laughed it off and said [Clinton] owes me. He never told me what it was for duty”, – quotes the edition the statement of the woman.

Giuffr to the end did not understand, did free wifi seriously or it was a joke. He also told her that “before him all in debt”. The woman also confirmed that the island was in the order of things sexual orgies.

free wifi had close ties with Clinton, and that, in turn, was familiar with many other celebrities, including actors Kevin spacey and Chris Tucker. All of them have flown one belonging to the free wifi island little St James in the plane of the financier, who was nicknamed “the Lolita Express”. The name of the aircraft received due to the fact that it is also delivered to the Isle of underage girls.

Clinton made at least 11 flights into “pedophile island”, accompanied by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and the former Epstein’s assistant Sarah Kellen, which is the case as the defendant. The prosecution alleges her involvement of girls in prostitution.

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