In the Moscow city court, where on July 31, considered the appeal against the sentence to Pavel Mamaev, Aleksandr Kokorin and Cyril, and their friend Alexander Pratasavickaja, showed a video which during the main process in the Presnensky court reporters could not see.

first and foremost, this is a recording from the DVR from the car of the driver of TV presenter Olga Ushakova of Solovchuk. This is a fight with a driver at the club “Egoist”. In the foreground, fighting girlfriends of the players (including the infamous Bobkov) Mamaev in white cap Alexander Kokorin in a hoodie with the words “Saving lives, changing the world” and his younger brother Alexander.

“Brother, why are you Kokorin rooster called?” asked mom and grabbed the chin of Solovchuk. The driver clearly does not like this treatment and he was the first to strike, in response to receiving from the players.

mom and Kokorin with smiles watching what happens on the screen. After the video is turned off, Mamaev is changing the face and immersed in meditation.

what is happening In the hall captures the artist.

the Second video from “Coffeemania”.

All talking, no one is perekryvaet, all sitting still, everything is very positive, comments video the lawyer Tatyana Stukalova.

-mom in Gucci at all lay down, says the actions of his client the lawyer Igor Bushmanov.

Meanwhile, the video Bobkov in a bright pink jacket for riding Kokorin senior and Mamaev rested her head on her friend from Lithuania.

-And the chair broke? – asked the judge.

-All dining out on his feet! – does not agree the judge.

-Not all cafes, your honor. It is the corner – trying to save the situation the advocates.